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Off to See the Birds

Three are many different ways that you can go about building your bird house. If you want your kids to have some input, it is important for the design to remain simple.

Just like recognizing certain characteristics and habits of people you can do the same with birds, which ultimately makes identifying them much easier. These characteristics are shape, size, color, flight pattern and where they're seen, to name just a few. You're now armed with the education you really should have to make an educated buying decision!

Bird droppings can become very erosive, and the longer they sit on your cage, the more damage can occur. Even the best brand name cages will only last 3-4 years if not appropriately taken care of. Know What Species to Expect. There are approximately 900 species of birds in the United States and recognizing each of them is nearly impossible. So when you visit an area, do a little research first.

Off to See the Birds

Going on a birdwatching holiday? You are not alone. Bird enthusiasts number more than 50 million in America alone and a huge percentage of this crowd actively seek out birds in their territories to go on birdwatching trips. There are hundreds of companies offering birdwatching holidays, some even go on over 25 birding tours per year. International birdwatching tour companies even take bird lovers to Mexico and Alaska and as far away as India, Africa, Brazil and Peru.

So what happens on birdwatching holidays? People pay good money to go on birding trips.

Choosing a birdwatching holiday.

There are birdwatching companies who offer nothing else other than birding and there are also organizations that run tours that include lectures, such as those at universities, clubs and museums. Whichever you choose will depend on what type of holiday you prefer.

Ask a friend or family who has been to a birdwatching tour. If there is no one else, pick a known company to tour with. If you’re a newbie, it’s best to stick with a tried and tested group. Call them up or look up their sites on the internet to check their services.

Tour price.

Most bird watchers are not experts on our fine feathered friends from the start. Come find out more! Try this before you go; lower your binoculars to your side and very quickly raise them to find and follow a jet airliner across the sky. After only a few attempts, you’ll get good at quickly acquiring your target. Quite often, birds are visible for only a few seconds, practice to become proficient. If you are buying an actual antique, prepare to pay a hefty price. Be on the lookout, though, at garage sales and flea markets. Sometimes you can find an undiscovered treasure for mere pennies. Most families immediately think that they can choose between getting a cat or a dog simply because those are the most popular pets to have. Before you run out and purchase the perfect kitten or puppy, consider choosing a bird to be your family pet instead.

To fill up your hummingbird feeder, remove the cap holding the prescription vial on and fill it up with nectar and replace the cap. Closed tightly, turn the prescription vial upside down as quickly as you can.

Let me explain; birds are a lot like us, they want space, they want sunlight, they want to look around. I recommend getting a cage with wheels so you can move your bird from place to place and give them a change of scenery.

Depending on the location, tour prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars; and the same length and location can be offered at a lower price by another company. Some things that affect tour prices are group size and services. Some of the best group tours are those with small sized groups because they are easier to organize, more quiet and they can interact more with the leader. They are also way more expensive so companies compromise with 6-10 or 8 - 16 participants. The larger group normally has two leaders.

Services can include airfares, transfers, food and lodging. The price will depend on what is included in the tour.


Make sure that you are well informed of the physical demands of the tours because some of them may be strenuous. Your outfit should conform to the demands of the surrounding, especially in summer, when the heat is intense. Bring hats, proper clothing, sunscreen and insect repellants.

Bring your tools. No birdwatching holiday is complete without binoculars or a telescope. Bring one with the proper magnification to let you enjoy the sights. Bring a camera, notebook and pen and maybe even a field guide to help you identify the birds. Other than these, bring your sense of wonder and enjoy the sights.

How do bird watchers strive to entice birds to their yards? Find out at This is a tricky dilemma when shopping for a bird cage, but here is the general rule of thumb; the bigger the better, as long as the bar spacing isn't too wide. So what is too wide of a bar spacing?

Do not buy a generic bird cage, it will most likely come without a manual, without a tech support phone number, and without a decent warranty.

Department stores and discount stores sometimes offer sales on bird cages. Check the advertising section of your local newspaper. We may have the best intentions to let our bird spend most of his time out of the cage. But there will still be times when he needs to be in his cage.

Just like people, birds get hot and thirsty. Especially during the blistering summer months, your favorite flying friends may be roasting in their feathers. Help out your local birds and provide them with a shady spot to splash, play, bathe, and drink--a bird bath!

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