Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The National Geographic Birdfeeders Offer Great Variety To The Backyard Bird Watcher

The nice thing about National Geographic birdfeeders is that you can be assured that they come with great provenance. Sure, you can walk into any local pet store and find bird feeders of all sorts. But do they work well--have they been vetted--that is the question.

With National Geographic birdfeeders the variety is wonderful and the workmanship well worth the shipping cost, which one must consider when ordering off the internet. For instance, you can find feeders with a sturdy wire cage around them so that little birds can hide inside and not be bothered by larger, shall we say obnoxious, visitors?!

The website http://shop.nationalgeographic.com also has a variety of other National Geographic birdfeeders for those who are concerned about needing weatherproof or squirrelproof feeders. There is no need to have your precious seeds go moldy. You don’t go to the trouble and expense of buying quality seed just to have rain get in and start sprouting seeds! It’s not a seed sprouter you’re interested in -- it’s supposed to be a dry seed feeder!

And as for our four-legged squirrel ‘friends’, yes, they were created with the same inalienable rights as birds by the Creator. The proviso is: NIMBY! You can even find squirrel feeders on the website, but even better, you can find National Geographic birdfeeders that are squirrel PROOF.

If you’ve fed birds for any length of time, you know how much a squirrel loves sunflower oil seed. After all, they are smart critters. But we are not interested in feeding squirrels high quality seed. We might provide some corn and make them do tricks for it for our entertainment, but not for sunflower seeds! There is a fine squirrel-proof example among the National Geographic birdfeeders on the site.

Also offered among the National Geographic birdfeeders is a unique hummingbird feeder mobile! It has three glass balls that can be filled with red sugar water. The balls turn around each other in the wind and with the attentions of the hummingbirds. Give it a look. It’s a delicate and enchanting piece of sculpture in motion.

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