Friday, January 19, 2007

Bird Watching A Brief Synopsis

Bird watching is a hobby with a difference. Some anthropologists have suggested that it is a reflection of the primeval human bonding with nature. Some have even found a trace of the innate, male hunting instinct associated with this sport cum research activity. Whatever be the roots, one thing is certain that bird watching is a unique way to relax and feel at home with one's natural surrounding, at the same time.

Bird watching is a self-explained term. However, the more scientific version of the word is ornithology (a study and observation of birds). The American version of the same is 'birding'. Birding is the same as that of ornithology, the only difference being it is more of an 'amateurish' activity. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to assume that the 'amateur' tag lessens the enthusiasm or the efficacy of the activity, in any extent.

One day birding competition called the 'Big-Day' is a common phenomenon in the North America. The one-day, World-series of Birding, held in New Jersey in May and the five-day Great Texas Birding Classic held in April are the two, most famous birding competitions of North America.

A slightly different take on the general activity of bird watching is known as 'twitching'. 'Twitching' is the pursuit of previously spotted rare birds. It is more popular in countries like England, Ireland and the Netherlands, possibly due to their geographical extent which can be easily traversed.

Bird watching can also be a way to bring fun and learning at the basic level. It is a great family activity which can be de-stressing as well as a wonderful way to bond with the nature, as well as with each other.

It has been seen as an alarming fact that kids everywhere in the world are slowly getting detached from their immediate natural surrounding. For e.g., American kids may be aware of the flora and fauna of Africa, as it is a part of their school curriculum, and yet remain blissfully unaware about the birds in their own backyards.

A bird watching activity with the family is fast becoming a popular way to unwind. The edge of the activity is further strengthened by the educational aspect of the act.

Simple field glasses and an introductory book of the birds are all that is required for this fascinating activity. And the best part is that it can begin at one's backyard.

The Eagle Optics Energy Binoculars are good for a start-up. One can graduate to more expensive versions of the equipment as one's initial interest blossom into something more concrete.